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Anthony Bourke

F-16 Fighter Pilot and Founder of Mach 2 Consulting, Bourke, Brings His Fighter Pilot Training into the Business World

Anthony Bourke

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California, United States


Anthony “AB” Bourke is an F-16 fighter pilot and the founder and CEO of Mach 2 Consulting, a global management training company. Bourke takes the tools he learned in the fighter pilot’s world and applies them to business, having trained more than 50,000 managers and salespeople at companies ranging from established Fortune 1000 businesses to small startups.

Using fighter pilot principles, he addresses the systems that the military uses to achieve success. In his presentations, Bourke discusses communication, leadership, organization, team work, commitment, culture, and selling and debriefing techniques. His talks include state-of-the-art multi-media presentations and can be customized to your business and your goals.

The Art of the Debrief. Bourke champions the use of the debrief in business culture. A debrief is a series of questions used to gather knowledge or intelligence about a completed mission. As a fighter pilot, Anthony Bourke learned early in his career that the key to keeping individuals and organizations performing at their peak is a communication system where team members receive honest feedback on a regular basis. The goal of debriefs is to create an environment where all ranks and experience levels meet as equals with the purpose of improving themselves and their teams.

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