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Chip Eichelberger, CSP

Former Tony Robbins International Point Man Does His Homework, has Contagious Energy, and is Great Fun!


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If you are hiring a motivational speaker for business or a sales oriented audience you want a proven performer who can connect with almost any group and make you look good as a meeting planner. Chip will invest the time to understand exactly what you do, and how you can continue to grow and reach your goals. He teaches that success within a business, first starts with success within the individuals.  Six years with Tony Robbins speaking throughout the US, UK and Australia sharpened his skills and created a style that will connect with and move your audience.

He has motivated, inspired and switched on everyone from Harley Davidson dealers, Realtors at RE/MAX, sales people at Xerox, financial advisors at Ameriprise and members at over 100 associations.

He will customize his message and worksheet to meet the needs of your audience and business/sales model. It is not a speech! It is a compelling, interactive, humorous, energetic call to action.

Chip has learned that extensive research and planning is the key to delivering the best results. He doesn’t do canned presentations; he customizes them specifically for your company and your event. First, he researches your company. Then, he interviews you and your key decision-makers so he understands the goals and objectives for his presentation.  He will be the energy your audience needs!


Get Switched On! – The Power of Attitude and Activity

Get Switched On is a dynamic and fun experience designed to engage the audience and set the tone of contagious energy and interaction for the day. Be it a first day kick-off or a final day closing, this session will make you look great as a meeting planner. Chip has 19 years experience and over 900 successful events getting people plugged back in and switched on!


BREAKING BARRIERS – The Board Break Experience

What will dominate the conversations at your next event? Chip guarantees it will be this program. The board break is an intense, emotional and climactic physical metaphor dedicated to over achievement and pushing your team’s energy to new and lasting heights. The room is filled with the spirit of self-confidence and acknowledgment. Your team, be they 30 or 2500, will be in peak emotional state, creating moments that will last a lifetime.

Chip excels at rekindling the passion for making a difference for the company, each other and the customer. This event builds trust, teamwork and total commitment. When people are concentrating on catching others doing things right – anything is possible. Igniting Team Spirit is the ultimate in employee motivation and is often added to other keynotes to create an extraordinary half-day to full-day event. This program will Unleash the Power and is the perfect closing event!

OWN IT! – Take Charge of Your Performance

Chip shows how the power getting clear on what you want and how taking ownership of your preparation, results and attitude can ignite tremendous performance improvements. Now is the time to reevaluate what you have been doing and take action to improve.

He covers the key elements of re-evaluation, clarity of a compelling vision, making new decisions, keeping score, moving the target and the power of attitude and activity. They can transform your team from a followership model to an ownership model, where everyone “owns” the mission and goals.


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