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Chris Warner

Epic Mountain Climber Who Teaches His Audiences How to Exceed Their Perceived Limits

Chris Warner

Travels From:

Maryland, United States


Chris Warner has been teaching people how to exceed their perceived limits since 1982. In the early days, Warner took convicted felons from penitentiaries in New Jersey out into the woods. Now he prefers to take educators, MBA candidates and corporate groups through a similar learning process. Warner specializes in multi-media presentations, recounting his most epic climbs. His tales are riveting: with climbers falling though the air, being swept away by avalanches, plunging into icy crevasses, holding climbers as they breathe their last breaths, huddling on tiny ledges as blizzards rage, rescuing stranded partners and reaching wind swept summits. With a half dozen shows to choose from,Warner works with event organizers to best meet the needs of the group. A true strength of Warner’s presentations is his ability to transfer the lessons of these extreme adventures to the challenges we all face. Unlike most adventurers on the speaking circuit, Chris owns a mid-sized company, with 175 employees. His experience as an entrepreneur provides him with practical solutions to everyday (and epic) problems.

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