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Dan Strakal, Ed.D.

Dr. Dan Strakal is an Internationally Renowned Speaker, Author and Expert Specializing in Workplace Issues, Business Life, and Career Transition.

Dan Strakal

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“If you are looking for a speaker who can transform the people inside your organization to higher levels, you need to book Dr. Dan right this minute! His strategies are practical, effective, humorous, and full of insight. The wealth of information and resources he provides is awesome.” – R. Yanez, Political Strategist and Campaign Manager, Houston, Texas

Looking for a speaker to engage and energize your audience? Dr. Dan Strakal is an expert on the changing workplace, business life, and career success and is known for his interactive and humorous speaking style. Dan is a master at getting audiences engaged so that they can instantly apply the insight and advice he shares in each presentation.Dan’s presentations are full of practical and relevant material.Dan adds value by customizing each presentation specifically to your audience. His sessions are highly interactive and Danguides audience members to try strategies during each customized presentation. This leads to audience involvement and ensures thataudiences can apply what they have learned into their day-to-day lives, both in and out of the workplace.Not just another speaker.Dan’s background in adult learning and organizational behavior, combined with over twenty years of hands on business experience from the front line to the executive ranks, gives him the practical expertise to motivate and educate your audience. As a former Fortune 500 executive, a high level manager within the public and private sectors, a successful administrator and faculty member in higher education, and now as a successful business owner, Dan uses practical real-life examples to show rather than just tell, audiences how they can succeed.If you want your audience members to learn new strategies to become more successful at work and in life, book Dan today.”I work with dozens of speakers’ bureaus, event coordinators, and conference planners each year. I know the effort these folks put forth to give their audiences and organizations the best possible presentations and content. Along with presenting practical and relevant topics, I feel my job as a speaker is to help make the people who book me the heroes and heroines within their companies.”

Dan is available as a speaking resource and facilitator for:

· Keynotes· Breakouts· Concurrent Sessions· Workshops· Seminars· Management RetreatsEnergetic, timely, and informative topics. Here’s a small sample:Six Steps to Increasing Employee Performance and ProductivityResearch indicates that employees are not working at peak performance and many workers confirm that they are giving considerably less to their jobs than they can. This presentation will provide participants with additional tools to increase employee performance and motivation and provides six steps to increasing employee performance and productivity.Dealing With Difficult PeopleThis presentation examines methods of managing disagreement before it escalates into anger and conflict. Learn the principles for managing disagreement and skills and strategies for resolution.Organizational and Interpersonal CommunicationsDiscover how communication really affects business relationships and outcomes. Participants will learn how to pay attention to the language of “where, when, why, and how” they do things. With an ever-increasing dependence on technology for communicatio

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