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Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor

Educator About the Beauty and Resiliency of the Human Brain and Gives Her Audience a Better Understanding of What is Going on Inside Their Heads

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California, United States


Dr. Taylor is one of those rare speakers who can keep an audience perched on the edge of their seats for over 90 minutes. Dr. Taylor projects an amazing positive energy and is committed to educating everyone about the beauty and resiliency of the human brain. Taylor keynotes with the single intention of helping her audience walk away with a better understanding of what is going on inside their heads and how they can get their brain to do what they want it to do. She is a true advocate for the neuroplasticity of the brain and its ability to recover from trauma.

Dr. Taylor explains in terms everyone can understand how our brain organizes information and what the differences are between our right and left cerebral hemispheres. She firmly believes that the most important relationship we each have is the relationship between our logical, rational, verbal left brain, and its counterpart – our creative, intuitive, thinking in pictures right hemisphere. Dr. Taylor helps us understand how our two brains work together to create a single seamless perception of reality, and what is going on inside our heads when we experience personal conflict.

When colleges, businesses or other groups of people who live or work together hear Dr. Taylor speak, there is a shift in the overall understanding about what is going on when people exhibit behavior that is not conducive to team building. Everything changes when we know other people are evaluating our behavior based on our brain anatomy. Entire groups of people learn how to interact with one another both respectfully and effectively.


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