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George Bodenheimer

One of the Most Influential Figures in Media and Sports Who is the Extraordinarily Humble Leader of ESPN

George Bodenheimer

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George Bodenheimer‘s path to leadership mirrored that of ESPN itself – sharp focus on creativity and cutting-edge innovation, an emphasis on always enhancing value for ESPN’s fans and business partners and encouraging a culture that puts people at the center of its mission. Consistently named one of the most influential figures in media and sports, Bodenheimer would never claim that his success is just his alone. Leading one of the world’s premier brands with more than 50 separate business entities, Bodenheimer is an extraordinarily humble leader who believes ESPN’s corporate success is a testament to its culture – one where talent is passionate, creative and empowered. Drawing on leadership insights he learned over the course of three decades at ESPN, Bodenheimer uses humor and straight talk to highlight the innovation, growth and culture that made the company one of the crown jewels of The Walt Disney Company and a role model for many companies. In an unassuming and energetic style, Bodenheimer shares with audiences how to emulate the same inventiveness that has enhanced the value of ESPN and how it helped grow the business in a hyper-competitive business environment through entertaining sports anecdotes, video and question and answer format that can be tailored to each audience and everyone can enjoy. In Bodenheimer’s upcoming business leadership memoir, Every Town Is a Sports Town: Business Leadership at ESPN, from the Mailroom to the Boardroom (May 2015), the ESPN and cable industry pioneer chronicles ESPN’s meteoric rise – one of the most remarkable stories about business and sports in our time.

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Culture Rules: Putting People First and Building a First Class Team

Many corporate leaders believe that growth comes only when focusing on the bottom line, but George Bodenheimer believes just the opposite—that great organizations only become that way when they focus on people before focusing on profits. The longest-serving leader of one of the most recognized media companies in the world, Bodenheimer has nurtured and sustained a strong organizational culture built around trusting employees, giving them the tools they need to do their jobs and empowering them to innovate. His leadership insights show that empathetic skills—motivating through listening, caring and encouraging—coupled with business skills, ultimately fuel creativity, innovation and bottom-line growth and is the key to success. Bodenheimer’s refreshing approach to leadership and commitment to people encourage all leaders to work on making an impact on their organization, no matter how large or small.

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