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Mark Linfield

Mr. Linfield is an Oxford Educated Zoologist, has Worked with the BBC and is an Award Winning Director/Producer.

Mark Linfield

Travels From:

London,  United Kingdom


Mark Linfield was educated at Oxford University where he read biology. He started his career in 1990 where he fronted a BBC documentary about gorillas in the Congo; fond memories include the times he spent working with his pygmy guides and exclude the 5 tropical diseases he contracted during filming. After several more years at the BBC, Mark joined independent production company, Green Umbrella Ltd, where he produced and directed many award winning films including The Triumph of Life, The Battles of Braveheart, Orangutans – The High Society, and The Temple Troop.  

In 2000 Mark returned to the BBC full time to produce and direct on the BAFTA nominated Life of Mammals. During the filming he traveled the world with Sir David Attenborough filming the ‘weird and wonderful’ including flightless bats that live on the ground in New Zealand, aggressive tapirs in the Amazon jungle and baboons that live on the tops of mountains in Ethiopia. In the last four years Mark has directed the award winning Capuchins:The Monkey Puzzle – a film about some shockingly smart monkeys that live in Brazil – and  two episodes of the hit TV series Planet Earth, including the opening show Pole to Pole.

His highlights from Planet Earth include filming the world’s rarest cat in Russia– the Amur Leopard, and directing a sequence about African wild dogs in Botswana. He found filming autumn colors in Vermont unexpectedly difficult.

Mr. Linfield recently finished co-directing a 90 minute theatric release of Planet Earth, called Earth which has been breaking box office records in cinemas throughout Europe and Japan. It will be released in the USA in the near future.  He is now directing on the ‘next Planet Earth’, to be called Frozen Planet, which will be filmed in the Arctic and Antarctic over the next three years.  Mark has also begun directing a new feature film about a group of chimpanzees living in West Africa.

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