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Mike Corcoran

With 15 Years of Corporate Experience in Sales and Service and 20 Years of Speaking Experience, Mike Will Help Focus Your Team and Align Your Company’s Vision and Mission

Mike Corcoran

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Colordo, United States


Michael Corcoran has spent the last 20 years as a speaker, trainer and business owner, working closely with over 50 companies and associations in 15 countries worldwide, including:  Anheuser Busch, Archway Cookies, Castle Pines, Cherry Hills, Chicago Bears, Chicago Cubs, Colorado Rockies, Gilead Sciences, Great West Life, Houston Texans, John Deere, Lucent Technologies, Metal Service Center Institute, Multi-Foods, Northwestern Mutual, Precision Metalforming, Rail Europe, Rockwell Collins, San Diego Padres, Standard & Poor’s, Storage Technology and U.S. Foodservice.  With 15 years prior corporate experience leading sales, service and management teams in both the manufacturing and service industries, Corcoran knows what it takes for managers and their teams to get things done, and done right, on a daily basis for organizations large and small.  Communication is often talked about, but rarely understood. Corcoran has your people leaving the room and saying, “You know, I’ve heard this stuff a hundred times before, but now I finally get it.”

The Mind-Set Matters Programs are designed to bring clarity and focus to your team by aligning your company’s vision and mission with your management team’s message and Mind-Set. With this proven process, your team members will walk away with a renewed energy and enthusiasm for their position and the role they play in driving performance and results inside your organization, regardless of their length of service.  What is the secret to this process?  Buy-In.  Buy-In is the most critical element of affecting change, and results, in the workplace.  With it, you can produce results that were previously unattained.  Without it, you will continually recycle program after program, with little, or, no results.

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