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Nancy Stern

An Emmy-Award Winning Speaker With a Message Who Leaves Audiences Inspired, Educated and Entertained.

Nancy Stern

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Whether you’re experiencing change, managing people, connecting with customers and co-workers, or making presentations, getting your message across effectively is vital to your success.

Nancy Stern custom designs keynotes, breakouts and educational programs to enhance communication effectiveness; to help increase productivity, profitability and peace of mind; and to impact the bottom line where it matters most, with results.

Her interactive Communication Plus programs release your potential by enhancing the “whole self” and consequently, the “whole organization.”

Since 1972, thousands have listened to her speak. She has shared her personal experiences while providing practical tools to help people live and work in harmony with the many changes we face daily.

Nancy has been a columnist with the San Diego Daily Transcript, is the co-author of 101 Stupid Things Trainers Do To Sabotage Success, holds a Master’s degree in Communication from Michigan State University, has taught at the University of California San Diego and San Diego State University, and has consulted with several Fortune 500 companies. She’s an EMMY award-winner, who appeared in the national PBS television series Communicating With Nancy Stern.

She’ll inspire your audience through the simple yet powerful lesson:
How you say what you say matters.™

Improv(e) Innovation at Work™
When it comes to innovation and creativity, taking risks is essential. Along with risk-taking, the right mindset is a must!

And to round it all out, people need to be able to communicate effectively in the hallway, the cafeteria or whenever/wherever ideas strike. Improv(e) Innovation at Work™ is a means to that end. It helps free up the mind and allows people to become comfortable with the unexpected, where great ideas often emerge. In this workshop people will experience seriously fun ways to improve flexibility, enhance creativity, and “think outside the box”. Improv helps you think on your feet, be innovative, listen carefully, and get the most out of every moment. It’s great for promoting teamwork, reducing stress, developing resiliency, and creating dynamic leaders (Tom Peter’s said, “Leadership is an Improvisational Art”). Participation in this highly interactive workshop challenges your spontaneity, imagination and intuition. After exploring some of the basics of creative thinking including developing the right mindset, identifying and eliminating self-sabotaging roadblocks, and learning how to be fully engaged, you’ll play numerous improv games and participate in exercises designed to free your inhibitions and enhance your creativity. Please come prepared to laugh while you learn.

For a Real Person, Press One™
The more connected we get, the more disconnected we become. The two biggest markets in our economy are technology and the escape from technology. People use email to break off relationships. Families often go days without seeing each other. And, 3.7 million people bought the book Simple Abundance. We are out of balance! This highly engaging, thought-provoking program takes a humorous look at a serious societal concern and gives you tips for getting back in touch in this high tech world.

You Can’t Leave Home Without You™
Before you can effectively communicate with others, you need to understand yourself. This is a journey into “the self,” a look at how your spiritual side influences how you live and work. You’ll come to appreciate the power of the present moment as a means to enhanced speaking and listening. Nancy’s self-management strategies for success are they key to decreasing conflict and stress. At the end of your journey, you’ll be closer to achieving increased productivity, profitability and peace of mind.

How You Say What You Say Matters™
George Bernard Shaw once said, “The greatest illusion about communication is that it has taken place.” Make sure that it does. In this highly interactive program, you’ll gain insight into the fundamentals of conscious communication by discovering Stern’s four steps to enhanced listening and understanding; you’ll develop strategies to prevent communication breakdown and to resolve conflict painlessly. You’ll gain a deeper awareness of non-verbal language while learning to be better understood, and to better understand yourself and others.

The Art Of Powerful Presentations™
Research has indicated public speaking is the number one fear of human beings. It needn’t be. Borrowing wisdom from ancient Zen principles helps. After this entertaining and insightful presentation, you’ll overcome stage fright, increase your voice power, and learn to speak with confidence while developing your own dynamic style. You’ll get tips on how to involve your audience, create powerful visual aids and use props effectively. Included is a funny, yet factual overview of stupid things presenters do to sabotage success adapted from Nancy’s book 101 Stupid Things Trainers Do To Sabotage Success.

Facilitate To Motivate & Manage Conflict™
Whether you are conducting a meeting, participating in a team project, or leading people through a crisis, your ability to get your message across effectively is critical to your success. Tomorrow’s leaders must be skilled communicators. This highly interactive seminar (one-three days) addresses the critical skills needed to manage and resolve conflict, to motivate others and to facilitate meetings, team decisions, etc. Participants will be asked to practice skill sets throughout the seminar using real life situations. Wisdom from the martial arts will be considered as we explore the many ways conflict can be reduced.

Gender Jive
Funny Things Happen When Men & Women Talk™
While talking to a member of the opposite sex, how many times have you either said or heard, “You just don’t understand?” Because men and women tend to communicate differently, misunderstandings may arise causing resentment and repercussions. This entertaining and interactive program shows you how to avoid the pitfalls of male-female communication. You’ll develop a deeper awareness of how to capitalize on our differences by exploring techniques that can enhance communication both at work and at home. The result is decreased stress and increased peace of mind. At work that means greater productivity/profitability and at home it means happiness and harmony.

Shift Happens…What’s Your Flex Factor?
Change is something you can count on. It strikes out of the blue, occurs as you move through the stages of life, or presents itself as you alter the way you do business. Your ability to embrace change is critical to your success and yet it is often feared, resisted, and sometimes even ignored. This highly interactive program helps you develop positive attitudes about change while helping you increase your ability to be flexible. You’ll discover how to develop change-based philosophies and leadership strategies. In doing so, you’ll help yourself and others successfully maneuver these rapidly changing times. And—you’ll laugh while you learn!

Connecting With Customers™
Service is critical if organizations are to remain competitive in today’s business environment. This engaging program, filled with real-life stories and practical applications, helps you develop strategies to focus on the customer by realizing service is spirit; it comes from within. Learn how to sell more with superior service, how to retain and maintain your current customers, and how to increase your customer base. Nancy shows you how to identify “moments of truth” and how to create “magic moments” for your customers. You’ll even learn how to defuse hostility and deal with difficult people. All with less stress!

Leadership Dynamics™
This three day program covers segments of all of the above in addition to techniques regarding teams and technology. Participants have an opportunity to explore and develop personal styles and strategies for successful leadership.

Maximize Meetings Results™
Do you go to too many meetings? Are many of them meaningless? Are they inadequately prepared? Are agendas non-existent and desired outcomes vague? Do you wonder why people don’t stay focused and tend to waste valuable time? If you answered YES to any of these questions, this class is for you. Get ready to participate in this highly interactive workshop that addresses the critical skills needed to communicate and facilitate during meaningful meetings.

Team Talk™
A Practical Approach to Team Building
Teams that talk together work together better. This interactive, entertaining program helps you understand the stages of team development so you can capitalize on individual differences. Attendees will learn how to establish and implement a team charter, explore roles and responsibilities of all team members, learn how to resolve conflicts collaboratively, and discover how to overcome barriers to team performance.

Improv(e) Your Life™
Tired of the same old speakers talking about the same old topics?
Heard enough about the new economy, technology and branding?
Want to energize your next event with a fresh and practical program?

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