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EQ Speakers Bureau is in the business of creating optimum connections. It is the connection between speaker and audience, a message given and received, which provides an opportunity for growth.

EQ Speakers Bureau is the new identity for Equanimity. Equanimity was founded in 2002 and was rebranded to EQ speakers Bureau in April, 2012. While the name was changed, the company’s values have not changed; our dedication to our clients and speakers is our top priority.

Our clients are Fortune 500 companies, universities and industry associations. No matter what your budget or audience size, every client deserves specialized attention.

EQ Speakers Bureau is an established company with a great reputation. We have 600+ speakers in our data base; including authors, business leaders, athletes, adventurers, military commanders and celebrities. We are always looking to add the most relevant thought leaders and innovators to our list so we can share the most current speakers with our clients.

We routinely hear clients say that the larger bureaus
keep suggesting the same speakers, over and over.
You won’t find that at EQ Speakers Bureau.

One thing that a boutique sized bureau like EQ can offer our clients is complete flexibility. We go above and beyond to meet the needs of our clients. Through our reciprocal trade agreements, we can contract any speaker out there. We won’t limit our search to just speakers on our website; if there’s a speaker out there that you want, we will get them. Achieving our client’s goal is paramount.


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