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Peter Lemon

Congressional Medal of Honor Winner Who Speaks About Courage, Determination and Perseverance

Peter Lemon

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Colorado, United States


“The presidency and vice presidency may be the highest offices in the land, but there’s an even greater distinction that our country bestows, the Congressional Medal of Honor.”
– Vice President Dick Cheney –

Peter C. Lemon is one of the youngest surviving recipients of our nation’s highest award, the Congressional Medal of Honor, and also the coveted Certificate of Outstanding Achievement presented by President Carter. Mr. Lemon is among the most dynamic and moving professional public speakers of our time who will share his life with you on a very exclusive basis. In his charismatic style, he speaks about patriotism, self-reliance, persistence, sacrifice, selflessness and courage. He knows what he’s talking about through real life experiences. Mr. Lemon encourages us to answer our deepest and most intimate questions with regard to our own personal courage, determination and perseverance. He will challenge you to make a difference.

An inductee in the elite Ranger Hall of Fame, Mr. Lemon’s riveting presentations have prompted appearances on numerous television programs and been quoted in a multitude of publications. He has shared the same platform with such celebrated Americans as Senator Bob Dole, Paul Harvey, Arnold Palmer, and Bob Hope.

Acclaimed author of Beyond the Medal, Mr. Lemon is praised by many fellow luminaries from Secretary of State Colin Powell to best selling author Jack Canfield. Recently, his book was donated to the 32,000 middle, junior and high schools in the United States to inspire our youth to become worthy citizens.

A successful entrepreneur for three decades, Mr. Lemon owned businesses in the construction and insurance industries. He holds a Bachelors degree in Speech, a Masters degree in Business Administration and was proclaimed “Humanitarian Alumni of the Year” at his graduate alma mater.

National dignitary, Mr. Lemon delivers a human testament that profoundly enriches the lives of others. His passion for life is contagious and although he has soared where possibly we have not flown, you will discover we are very similar. Peter C. Lemon brings out the best in all of us … The Hero Within!

“True Heroism Is Not A Matter Of Chance, It’s A Matter Of Choice.”
Peter C. Lemon

The Hero Within!
Working with Organizations that Encourage Success and Inspire their People …

If you desire a dignitary that will transform your event into a celebration never to be forgotten, then Peter C. Lemon is your choice. As your guest speaker, Mr. Lemon will challenge and empower your people to make a difference. He will ignite their soul and have a profound impact on the way they think, live, and work. When you invite Mr. Lemon to your next event, your attendees will join the thousands who have been inspired by his extraordinary messages.

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