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Robert Stevenson

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Robert Stevenson

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Robert Stevenson is one of the most widely recognized professional speakers in the world. He is the author of the best selling book, “How To Soar Like An Eagle In A World Full of Turkeys,” and his new book, “52 Essential Habits for Success,” is destined to become one. He is a man who is consistently honored with standing ovations and requests to bring him back next year. Many clients have rated him as the best speaker they’ve ever heard. Mr. Stevenson has shared the podium with such renowned speakers as former President George H.W. Bush, former Secretary of State Colin Powell, General Norman Schwarzkopf, Anthony Robbins, Tom Peters and Steven Covey. He is a graduate of Georgia Tech where he received his BS in Industrial Management.

This former All-American athlete has owned several companies, sold internationally in over 20 countries, established and maintained hundreds of accounts worldwide along with managing a worldwide sales force. Your people will be hearing from a man who has lived his experiences, not just studied them. He has held positions from Salesman to Chief Executive Officer.

As a professional speaker for over twenty years Mr. Stevenson has spoken to over 2,000 companies, interviewed more than 10,000 employees, managers, and senior executives and worked with over 200 different industries. His ability to connect with an audience is amazing; be it a strategic planning session for a Fortune 500 company to 20,000 salespeople, he excels at blending humor, facts, inspiration, conviction and audience participation. Simply stated by one of his clients…”Robert not only did his homework but used what he learned to gain the interest and respect of the audience in the first ten minutes of his program. He really knew our industry and his research showed. He brought the house down and the audience to their feet!”

Mr. Stevenson has produced the training DVD “Beyond Excellence.” The fast-paced program is filled with advice on how to become an extraordinary person in business, and in life. Using real world examples, dozens of interesting slides, and powerful true stories, Robert Stevenson delivers a high-energy program that can help anyone to achieve higher levels of excellence. He covers a broad spectrum of ideas, including leadership, accountability, dealing with stress, handling change, how to criticize, the power of laughter, how to exceed expectations, balance, and much more. Whether you are just starting out in business, or a seasoned professional, these ideas will remind you of all the things you need to do when you are committed to soaring above and beyond excellence.

Today, Robert travels around the world, sharing powerful ideas for achieving excellence, both personally and professionally. His client list reads like the Who’s Who in business. Companies like Prudential, FedEx, Berkshire Hathaway, Chevron, Harley-Davidson, Honeywell, Lockheed Martin, Radio Shack, Caterpillar, American Express, Time Warner and Kellogg have all invited Robert Stevenson to help motivate, inspire and educate their people.


PEAK PERFORMANCE – How To Soar Like An Eagle In A World Full of Turkeys (Also titled: How The Best Get Better)
This double-edged sword presentation cuts to the core of performance, both business and personal performance. With continued budget crunches, increasing global competition and pressure to make better and faster decisions, success requires businesses to be creative, aggressive and innovative. To make an organization successful you have to make their people successful. This fast paced, highly informative and extremely enjoyable program penetrates the very core of success, breaking down the causes so they can be identified, understood and accepted by the audience.

CUSTOMER SERVICE – Wow Me ! Amaze Me ! Astonish Me ! … and I’ll Be Back
This program deals with dispelling the theory that the customer is always right. We all know that is not true. Many times the customer is wrong … but they are still the customer. As the great Sam Walton once said; “There is only one boss, the customer, and they can fire everybody in the company … from the Chairman on down … simply by spending their money somewhere else.” We will be addressing how to keep that customer spending their money at your organization. Not only in the initial sell, but also dealing with repeat and referral business. This program has been designed as an educational, interactive seminar for Executives, Managers, Supervisors and Hourly Personnel.

CHANGE – If You Don’t Like Change …You are Going to Hate Extinction or Coping, Controlling, Capitalizing on Change
Change is a constant. You can either choose to embrace it or watch as your market share disappears right before your eyes. The ultimate cause for change is the customer. Whatever customers want today, they will want more of it tomorrow. They have been conditioned to expect it. When a company increases the value offered to a customer by improving the product, enhancing service, or reducing price the competition must follow. The customer wants it better … they want it easier to use … they want it cheaper … they want it now. Everyone is standing on shaky ground. Today’s King of the Mountain could be tomorrow’s case study on failure. Kmart, IBM, Kodak and American express have all found out the power of change; from a position of power to a fight for survival. This program explores change … the successes, the failures and the reasons why.

SALES – The Answers To Successful Selling Are All Four Letter Words
The art, discipline, techniques of selling have traveled many different paths over the centuries. I have found through my studies and in working with businesses that the path to selling effectively has gone from simple to highly sophisticated and back again. This program doesn’t mean to oversimplify the process of selling something, but it will make it understandable and easy to implement by sticking to the basics. This program breaks down the Art and Science of Selling into a no-nonsenses set of guidelines that will make even the most novice of salespeople a success. It starts out with the two basic principals of selling that will insure their longevity in this fine profession.

LEADERSHIP – The Principles of Leadership . . . It’s A Process, Not An Event
This program starts with the nine elements of the Leadership Formula: People not Procedures, Action not Talk, Want To not Made to, Desired not Required, Showing not Shouting, Flexible not Fixed, Listening not Telling, Caring not Bottom Line. It then delves even deeper; addressing courage, confidence, compassion, communication … to commitment, change, cooperation, challenge, and control. This program focus is on practical, insightful and useful skills that help to make relationships work and companies prosper. A program designed to help companies thrive in today’s marketplace; identifying how to start, maintain, and deepen working relationships. This program will enable your people to understand how to establish rapport, develop respect, and give proper recognition.

TEAM BUILDING – “I’ve Got Your Back” – Creating a Powerful Teamwork Culture
Mr. Stevenson has developed a program that addresses the many aspects of teamwork and how to create a corporate culture that embodies a true sense of camaraderie among associates. This program illustrates how, by looking out for each other (as well as your clients), you are helping to protect the financial future of your organization. Great companies evolve, adapt, change, develop, and then challenge the “norm,” but to succeed they understand they must keep taking advantage of their most valuable asset … EACH OTHER. There is no better corporate sense of security than knowing your associates are watching out for you. Casting blame is the result of an error … whereas “I’ve got your back mentality” prevents the error from occurring in the first place.

STRATEGIC PLANNING – Riding A New Wave To Success
Re-Thinking, Re-Designing, Re-Directing Your Organization’s Future If you allow your organization to keep riding the same wave of success, before long, as all waves do, that wave will come crashing into the shore. You will then be forced to swim back out and catch another wave. The problem with this, is that while you are swimming out to catch another wave, your competition will be going right by you. Mr. Stevenson has development a strategic planning program to help you catch another wave, by getting a handle on what your organization is doing right, what you are doing wrong, and what you should be doing. One of the greatest consulting firms today is your people. You just need a catalyst and guide who can help retrieve their brilliance. Utilizing various aspects of dynamic interaction, Mr. Stevenson will take full advantage of the brain power sitting in the audience by getting everyone involved in the session. The program proactively solicits information from those participating, resulting in: Problem Identification, Multiple Energized Ideas, Established Focused Action Plan. After a brief presentation by Mr. Stevenson to kick the session off, the audience will then be divided into cross-functional groups with the understanding that there are no titles, not positions of authority, in the room. During the session everyone is on an equal basis and all opinions matter.

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