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Sam Glenn

Positive Attitude Expert Who Believes that the Starting Point for All Change is Attitude

Sam Glenn

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It all starts with attitude…everything! Leadership, Teamwork, Sales, Change Management, Innovation, Customer Care, (just name it)… How do you measure attitude performance in the workplace? The answer is simple: Evaluate the kind of people you have working for you and with you. Are they negative or positive? If you can measure this, then you understand the value of attitude. Having a positive attitude doesn’t mean changes and challenges are not going to happen, but rather means you are equipped with the mental stamina to think creatively, be resilient, and keep moving forward. A negative attitude is filled with negative consequences. You may not see the effects of those consequences immediately, but once they start to add up, they can beat you down.

Sam Glenn loves working with organizations and leaders who understand the true “value” of recharging attitudes in the workplace. A simple analogy is that you can have the most expensive car on the block, but if the battery in the car doesn’t have a positive charge, it’s not going anywhere. For the most part, attitude is put on the bottom shelf when it comes to Training and Development, Employee Motivation, Staff Development, Leadership Training, etc. However, organizations that get better do it because the people in the organization get better…and the starting point for that change is attitude.

What Glenn has learned is that it’s easy to be positive when life is good, but the challenge is staying upbeat when life gets rocky. This concept applies to everyone who breathes. Consider the words of Norman Vincent Peale: “The only people without challenges are in a cemetery.”

The subject of attitude has become Glenn‘s passion ever since he knocked Zig Ziglar over at a buffet. I didn’t know who he was, but his advice served me very well: “If you don’t like the output in your life, then you need to change the input.” I was struggling to survive and had an attitude that made people want to run the other way, so I listened.

When Glenn made a choice to change his attitude, he began to read quote books and listen to inspirational speakers to reshape his outlook. But he had been sleeping on the floor for close to two years, and  needed a lot more. While his attitude was improving, he needed to put it into action through developing a purpose.

Glenn began to volunteer at a youth program, and found purpose in encouraging others. Being shy by nature meant that getting up to speak was a tough obstacle (and it still is some days!). He persevered, however, and it paid off. Today, he speaks for a living and has the opportunity to help a LOT of people.

Glenn want others to hear his story and know that whatever they’re going through, they can make it. It’s never too late to start over, pursue a dream, turn things around, and become the best version of yourself.

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