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Nathan Furr

Leading Author and Professor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at BYU  

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Mike Corcoran

With 15 Years of Corporate Experience in Sales and Service and 20 Years of Speaking Experience, Mike Will Help Focus Your Team and Align Your Company’s Vision and Mission  

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Adrian Gostick

Best Selling Author and Global Thought Leader on Workplace Strategy  

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Peter Docker

Peter Docker is Passionate About Enabling Others to be Extraordinary and to Help Them Harness the Power of “Why”  

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Jenn Lim

CEO and CHO (Chief Happiness Officer) of the Company “Delivering Happiness” Which was Founded to Inspire Science-Based Happiness, Passion and Purpose  

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Dr. Jason Hwang

Internal Medicine Physician Turned Entrepreneur- CoFounder of PolkaDoc- Focused on Delivering Affordable Care via Smartphone  

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George Bodenheimer

One of the Most Influential Figures in Media and Sports Who is the Extraordinarily Humble Leader of ESPN  

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Peter Thum

Founder and President of Ethos Water, This Entrepreneur Lead the Water Company Through it’s Acquisition by Starbucks  

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William Taylor

Best Selling Author and Founding Editor of the Business Magazine, Fast Company, Taylor is a Groundbreaking Thinker on Leadership and Innovation  

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Mark Kramer

Helping to Change the Mindset Among Leading Corporations About the Intersection of Business and Society  

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Ray Kurzweil

Ray Kurzweil Has Been Described as “the Restless Genius” and “the Ultimate Thinking Machine” and is Ranked Number 8 Amount Entrepreneurs in the United States  

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Robert Richman

Author of “The Culture Blueprint” he is the Former Culture Strategist for Zappos- A Top Ten Place to Work in America  

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