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Peter Docker

Peter Docker is Passionate About Enabling Others to be Extraordinary and to Help Them Harness the Power of “Why”  

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John Foley

Naval Pilot and Member of the Highly Acclaimed Blue Angels, John Shares the Secret of  High Performance Training That Will Work for Any Organization  

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Anthony Bourke

F-16 Fighter Pilot and Founder of Mach 2 Consulting, Bourke, Brings His Fighter Pilot Training into the Business World  

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LCDR Rorke Denver

Decorated US Navy Seal and Author of the New Book “Damn Few: Making the Modern Warrior”  

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G. Gordon Liddy

Host of “The G. Gordon Liddy” Radio Show  

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Peter Lemon

Congressional Medal of Honor Winner Who Speaks About Courage, Determination and Perseverance  

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Ret. Admiral Ray Smith

A Navy Seal for 31 Years, Retired Admiral Ray Smith Achieved Extraordinary Success Through Focused Participatory Leadership  

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Waldo Waldman

Waldo Waldman

Author of “Never Fly Solo” – NY Times Bestseller and Former Combat Decorated Fighter Pilot  

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