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Tom Morris

Tom Morris is a Best Selling Author of Over 20 Books and Creator of the Seven C’s of Success

Tom Morris

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North Carolina, United States


Tom  is the author of 20 books, including, If Aristotle Ran General Motors, The Art of Achievement, and If Harry Potter Ran General Electric.  He is a pioneering thinker and electrifying speaker who has authored 20 groundbreaking books, including True Success.  He was also one of the most loved professors at the University of Notre Dame during is long teaching career.


Tom provides a unique path forward, and a powerful sense of hope for our challenging times. Drawing on the wisdom of the ages and history’s most inspirational minds, he helps people navigate change using timeless tools for achieving professional and personal success. No other message rivals his for its power, or his delivery for its energy, humor, and profound practicality.


“True Success: The Art of Achievement in Times of Change”   This is the first talk of Tom’s that most clients ask for. We all need ideas we can trust—ideas that have stood the test of time and can help us achieve success in even the most demanding situations. Tom Morris has an unprecedented ability to bring together the wisdom of the ages in a form that people can use right now. This talk presents a simple, powerful and complete framework of seven universal conditions for deeply satisfying, sustainable excellence in all that we do. His now-famous “7 Cs of Success” have fueled extraordinary results in pockets of excellence around the world, and have never been more important than they are today. In a high-energy and very entertaining session, Tom will reveal the most fundamental tools for personal and institutional greatness and provide a practical guide for their use every day. This talk leaves people with a new, well-grounded enthusiasm and a determination to use the wisdom they’ve been given. Once they’ve heard it, they will never be the same.


Morris said, “I give every audience member a laminated wallet card with the ideas we’ve talked about on one side, and my free access website on the other. I’ve given out hundreds of thousands of these and people come up to me in airports and hotels all the time, pulling out the wallet, and saying, I’ve been carrying your card for 9 years! Or 5! Or 12!

I also provide a follow up email, to remind the audience members, a week or two later, of what we talked about, and I give some new spins on implementation and include a self diagnostic test and an invitation to write me any time.

I want to always exceed the expectations of our clients and give them real wisdom they can use!”

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